February 17, 2017

Little Miss Giggleberry Bows

Bows, bows, bows! My clever little crafter has been a busy making and selling some rather sweet little hair bows!
Introducing Little Miss Giggleberry Bows - or LMG Bows as she prefers.

It started with a little playing and thinking during the school holidays about what she could do that is crafty and maybe she could sell to earn some spending money. W e chatted about it all and got to thinking about what thinks she likes herself and hair accessories was high on her list. We popped over to YouTube for some tutorials to find a style of bow Little Miss Giggleberry could make mostly by herself and found one in no time.
As the making began, firstly with scraps from my craft room, I had a "mummy lightbulb moment"!! I would help my girl promote and sell her bows on the deal that the profits made from them went towards her Irish Dancing expenses (little pat on the mummy back for that one ;P). Little Miss Giggleberry adores her Irish Dancing but WOWZA its a money muncher.... lesson fees, dance comps, shoes, interstate competitions later in the year and the big one - "The" Dress.

So, as I was saying, Bows, bows, bows! There has been oodles of back to school bows made and sold to match school uniforms, fun and fabulous bows for friends and family, bows made in particular favorited colours just because, some X-Large bows for the wow factor and even some bulk orders for dance schools!

She is having a ball with each and every order... there has even been chatter about a market stall!

If you or someone you know would like one two or a bucket load of bows please pop us and email at giggleberrycreations(at)gmail(dot)com with what you are after and we would be more than happy to help you out.


December 2, 2016

Irish Dancer Cookies and Surprise Cake

Little Miss Giggleberry turned 9 (yes NINE!!) on Tuesday. Birthdays are always fun and we make a big deal out of them in the Giggleberry household. There is always lots of anticipation and excitement leading up to the day. This year Little Miss Giggleberry didn't have a party so there was no real 'theme' to her birthday. I had her permission to choose what style cake and goodies I would make to share with her schoolmates.
I little ponder a few weeks back and I realised her birthday actually fell on a dance practice day as well as a few of her gifts were Irish dance themed so an Irish Dance theme was picked and I straight away ordered a cookie cutter from Irish Dance Diva that is the shape of a solo dress ready for a baking marathon.

I started with the cookies (mainly because these can be made way ahead of time and frozen). I made 67 cookies!!! As half were to go to school and half were to be shared with Little Miss Giggleberry's dance buddies.
Once the cookies were cut, baked and cooled. I packaged them up and froze them for 24 hrs. It makes decorating them allot easier as they aren't so delicate. Working with 5-10 at a time I rolled out fondant, in the three colours requested by the birthday girl, and attached it to the cookies with a little sugar water. I then had lots of fun imprinting patterns and cachous onto the little dresses for some fun detail. This was my first time playing with fondant on cookies but I was pleased with the result and will absolutely be using it again.

Little Miss Giggleberry was thrilled to take these to school and dancing class to share with all her special friends.

Then onto the cake! I kept this a surprise, for a few reasons. 1) Surprises are fun. 2) The inside of the cake being a surprise would be ruined if she knew before hand and 3) If I completely stuffed it up she would never know any different!
With a basic butter cake mixture all prepared and divided into three. I used the three colours the birthday girl had chosen for her cookies and coloured it. Then one heaped spoonful at a time I scooped it into the prepared loaf tin and baked it as per usual.

Once it was baked and 100% cooled I sliced it up like a loaf of bread then froze the pieces in a sealed container overnight.

The next day I prepared another butter cake mix then set it aside for a moment while I prepare the already sliced cake. While the slices are still frozen cut out the shape (you can honestly use whatever cookie cutter shape you want - think Christmas tree for the festive season, pumpkin for Halloween, blue or pink star or heart for baby gender reveal. the possibilities are endless) from each slice and discard the off cuts. The below photo is of the 'dress slices' all stacked up on each other.

Alrighty, now grab the greased and floured cake tin and scoop in about 1/3 of the butter cake mixture and smooth out. Then one by one place the cut out shapes into the mixture so they are standing up in a row touching one another.

Gently cover the shapes with the rest of the butter cake mixture and tap the tin lightly to try to remove any air bubbles. Bake the cake as usual in the oven.
Now the trickiest thing about this cake, especially when this was the first one I had attempted, is that you kinda have no idea if it has worked until the cake is sliced! So I crossed my fingers and just kept on.
Once completely cooled I iced the cake with some white icing and a heavy sprinkling of cachous. Added some candles and crossed my fingers it had worked.

After our family dinner we sang Happy Birthday, Little Miss Giggleberry blew out the candles and I handed her the knife to slice away.....

I was so glad and the GASP that came from the birthday girl herself when she saw the dress inside the cake was worth all the extra fuss!!


November 4, 2016

Super Heros of every kind...

Super Heros. We all know them and we all have our favs.... Who's your pick?
Captain America?
Buzz Lightyear?
One of the many heroes from Star Wars?? (My fav has to be BB-8 for sure)
Or to be safe how about a combo of them?

Custom orders available to suit your favourite! giggleberrycreations(at)gmail(dot)com

October 28, 2016

Crazy Hair Day - Birdy Cage & Lizard!

I am one of "those mums" who LOVES a good dress up or fun sock or book week or themed in some way day at the kids school. I really enjoy putting together a look or design idea with the kids then getting to complete it! It really gets my creative blood pumping!
So when the kids brought home a note a few weeks ago telling parents about the upcoming Crazy Hair Day I was thrilled! The kids school hasn't had one of these in three years and the last time was just Little Miss Giggleberry's hair I got to do (remember her Mrs Potato Head hair?)

We got Pinterest hunting. Now that the kids are a little older they seem to make allot more of the decisions rather than when I use to get away with suggesting one or two simple ones and the picked from those. Choices were made, a few crafty bits were purchased and we were set!
Little Miss Giggleberry ended up with a Birdcage, complete with a bird on a swing, on her head!

I 'built' the cage from an old wire coat hanger (that I then wrapped in craft tubing so it would be soft on her head) and pipe cleaners. Then it was pretty simple to just place on her head and twist sections of hair up and around it. Then a few twists of the pipe cleaners at the top head them all together for the whole day!
The bird was a christmas decoration I found at Spotlight FYI.

Master Giggleberry also went with an animal.... a Googly Eyed Lizard (although looking back at the photos it totally looks like a frog LOL)

He was fun to make. With the hair all gelled down I used my blow dryer to set it hard. A quick (and rough) outline of the legs and body was easy to draw on with an eyeliner pencil. Then I pulled out good old poster paint and got painting - yep, poster paint! I did use the blow dryer again to dry the paint so he didn't end up in a complete mess.
The eyes were just two large google eyes stuck on a hair clip - easy!

The kids loved the creations and had lots of their friends and teachers amazed as they walked to their classrooms for the day.

October 27, 2016

Ghostbusters Proton Pack DIY

Yes, yes, yes. It has been over 2 years since my last post. I can bore you with all the "I've been really busy" excuses or I can just get on an get blogging again.
Its Halloween in 4 days! Yay!
The Jnr Giggleberrys decided just last Saturday that they would like to dress as the Ghostbusters for Trick or Treating. They asked two of their cousins to join us to make the awesome foursome complete and got a big fat YES in reply. So decision was made now over to me apparently to make that all come together!!
I work Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday so haven't had a chance to do much more about the costumes besides a bit of Pinterest hunting until today. Today was the day I got stuck into it.... Starting with the Proton Packs!! You know, those backpack things the ghostbusters all carry to blast/suck up/kill/collect ghosts with?
To make four of them on the cheap took a bit of out of the square thinking but I got there.
I started with 4 empty cardboard boxes. These were all different shapes and sizes but I figure so are the kids so go with it! I then poked black elastic though one side of the box to create backpack 'straps' for the kids arms and taped the boxes shut.

Next up - raid your recycling bin!! Go nuts! Look for smaller containers, yoghurt tubs, bottle lids etc etc. I then rifled through the 'everything draw' in our kitchen. You know the one that has everything in it and is a complete mess?(or is that just my household) in that bottomless pit draw I found bolts, plastic thinga-ma-jiggys and an old spiral bound note book that I stole the spiral from!

Now arrange the bits and pieces on your box until you are happy with the layout then hot glue it all down. I had to make four so tried to make them as similar to each other as possible with the bits and bobs I had gathered.
This is when I decided to add the tube thing on the side that will join to the 'gun' the ghostbusters hold. This was just light plastic tubing I bought from a hardware store. I guess ducting would work too.
I cut a small hole in the side of each box and poked the tubing in. I didn't bother glueing it but you could if you wanted to.

Spray paint them black. I picked Matte Black paint for this.

Then with your hot glue gun again, stick on a few coloured 'wires' I used some craft piping stuff I had lying around. I also stuck on some round red sparkle stickers to look a little like lights.....

I bought 4 super cheap guns from the $2 shop. All black ones. The shop had three of one style so I had to get a forth that is little different. No biggie. Out came the trusty hot glue gun again and I half glued, half jammed the end of the gun into the other end of the tubing until it would not budge. No real trick to this just go nuts.....
Ta Dah!! Four homemade Proton Packs - DONE!

Now I have 3 days to get four outfits made on the cheap..... but thats another blog post!

August 22, 2014

DIY Retirement Ambulance!

One week ago today, my dad officially retired! Such a huge milestone to reach after 38 years in the NSW Ambulance Service. I couldn't be more proud to call him my dad and Papa for my kids, he is truly a super hero!
Dad let his immediate family know about his impending retirement 2 weeks before the official day it came into action. Instantly my mind starting to race with what little gift or trinket I could buy or make him in celebration of such an event.
Finally inspiration hit (thanks for the one zillionth time to Pinterest) and I was off.

From eBay I found a second hand walking frame for a few $$ that by sheer luck was the colour I needed it to be - red. Saved me painting it!!
Next stop was somewhere that had a novelty horn that would sound like a siren. I must admit I went into quite a number of places from bike shops, to hobby shops, to car parts stores hoping to get what I was after but found nothing to suit until one of the auto parts store salesmen suggested Jaycar. Within 5 mins of explaining to the gentleman that asked what I was after I had a siren, a red flashing light and a battery pack to make it all work. Winning!!
Another eBay purchase of some red and white reflective checkered tape and a simple first aid kit to sit inside the basket of the frame and I was sorted.

I would love to claim I wired it all up myself but I wasn't too confident I could get it all right so my brother came to the rescue - (pun intended).

Dad, and the rest of the family, had a good laugh when he was presented with his new 'Retirement Ambulance'.

March 5, 2014

LEGO Gift Wrapping DIY!

Do you have a little LEGO fan in your house? or maybe a friend of one of your kids? a niece, nephew, grandchild? Who, like my little guy, LOVES LEGO?? If so, how about this little idea for the next time you are wrapping a gift for the LEGO fan...
LEGO Gift Wrapping!

Master Giggleberry turned 5 just last week so a few days before I was thinking I needed to get his presents wrapped. I like to have a bit of fun with gift wrapping but bows, ribbons and 'pretty' things would not be quite right for my little Superhero, Ninja, Star wars loving boy. Then **DING** I had a light bulb moment. I would wrap his gifts (that were mainly boxes of LEGO) to look like blocks of LEGO!

What You Need:
Plain coloured wrapping paper (I went with traditional LEGO colours of red, yellow, green and blue)
Single pieces of single coloured cardboard (make sure they match the wrapping paper colour)
Sticky Tape
A Round Circle Punch (mine is a 2 inch punch)
1) Wrap your gift in the wrapping paper trying to keep it as tight to the square or rectangular shape as possible (maybe even pop the gift inside an empty box if it is not quite the right shape top wrap alone)
2) Take a piece of the coloured cardboard and punch a set of circles. Depending on the size of your gift will determine how many dots you will need. I had some with 6, some with 3, some with 4 and some with 12 to suit the different gifts.
3) With a loop of sticky tape (just a small piece of sticky tape looped around on itself) stick the coloured spots to the gift evenly to look like the bumps on a LEGO piece. (You could also use double sided foam tape)

You are done. Write in a card or gift tag and hand it to the receiver - I bet it gets a great response!!

You could easily do this in pinks and purple for any little LEGO Friends lover too! Have fun xx